Himawari Chapter VII by Charwinoa

As it sounds a bit early to do a Himawari chapter, we all have been noticing that the sun and warmer days over the last couple of weeks did us good! And who better to curate a collection of songs to celebrate this wonderful spring season than our friend Charwinoa?
Charwinoa has thoughtfully compiled this mixtape to capture the essence of the sunny days and the joy they bring. Each track has been selected to uplift your spirits and accompany you on these warm, delightful days. We hope you enjoy this musical journey as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you. Join us as we celebrate the intersection of music and style. We're excited to unveil the long-awaited Himawari Chapter VII by Charwinoa.


Spring - "All night" by Kkeda

This tune is on repeat with me all year round, but during spring, when the days get longer and the air is filled with the promise of new beginnings, I play it extra loud through the speakers.

Precious memory - "That's the way love goes" by Janet Jackson

I have such fond and cherished memories with this tune. Every time I hear it, I'm instantly transported back to those joyful moments. It truly has the sweetest and warmest vibe, wrapping me in a comforting embrace and filling my heart with happiness.

Nostalgic - "Boom Wuk" by Tanya Stephens

My mother used to play this nonstop. A few years ago, I came across this tune again and laughed so hard, singing this as a little girl hahaha. Not quite appropriate, but the vibes are definitely there!

Heartbreak - "It's a Pity" by Tanya Stephens

Again Tanya Stephens, if it were up to me I would have used her in every header. She just has the perfect tunes for every moment. I don't like pitiful tunes. In fact, "It's a Pity" is also a wonderfully cozy tune if you focus solely on the melody and rhythm without paying too much attention to the lyrics.

Love song - "I will never stop loving you" by Charles Organaire Cameron

In my opinion, the most romantic tunes are undoubtedly the "Lovers Rock" type tunes. Lovers Rock is also definitely my favorite genre, as it perfectly captures the essence of love and affection, making every listening experience feel like a tender embrace. The gentle melodies and smooth vocals characteristic of this genre never fail to evoke feelings of warmth and connection, solidifying its place as the ultimate soundtrack for love.

Party - "Boggling Queen" by Sister Smurf & Simple Simon

This one speaks for itself with its undeniable charm and captivating qualities. The sheer beauty and emotional depth of the song are so evident that no further explanation is needed. Its melody, lyrics, and overall impact resonate so profoundly that it naturally communicates its essence to anyone who listens.