Maha and YUME YUME Present: The Dog Walker

As we celebrate Animal Day on October 4th, we’ve put our hands together with our friends at YUME YUME to introduce a stylish yet functional addition to your everyday footwear – The Dog Walker.
Together, we aim to shine a light on our shared love for our canine companions. These shoes are perfect for anyone who enjoys a comfortable and stylish stroll, whether you're walking your furry friend or simply navigating unpredictable conditions. We understand that daily walks aren't always about glamour, especially when the weather doesn't cooperate. That's why we designed the dog walker with a focus on functionality and protection.

Equipped with ripstop, polartec breathable fleece, gore-tex, and watertight zippers to keep your feet cosy and dry, no matter what Mother Nature or your four-legged companion throws your way.
The Dog WalkerThe Dog WalkerThe Dog WalkerMaha Amsterdam - The Dog WalkerMaha Amsterdam - The Dog WalkerMaha Amsterdam - The Dog Walker

Photographer: Elina Abdrakhmanova  |  MUAH: Chiara Sriram | Talent: Juliette Koole