Dr. Martens The Audrick

Confidence to fearlessly be yourself. Whether that is at home with your friends or on stage in front of a crowd. Your Docs. Your pair. Forever elevating and empowering your individual and distinctive style.

With the latest Audrick designs, Dr. Martens elevates their most iconic silhouettes with cutting-edge, lightweight 1.9mm-thick soles. Providing wearability without compromising on giving confidence to its wearer. 

In celebration of this latest collection, we followed Kinnari. A skilled and passionate 25-year old female deejay from Amsterdam. Her great interest in multiple music genres results in sets that reflect personal memories, precious moments and current favourites. Leaving the crowd with a special vibe every time she plays.

Join us and follow the talented Kinnari as she puts on her Docs and gets ready to hit the stage. 

Dr. Martens Dr. MartensDr. MartensDr. MartensDr. MartensDr. Martens

Videography: Beeldkrakers | Photography: Eva van Kesteren | Music: Jamey Trevor | Models: Akjitra (Kinnari), Esmée and Naomi