Off the Grid with Maha & Nike ACG

Great times in the great outdoors.

Together with a gorgeous group of women, we went off-the grid and into nature to connect with Mother Earth's goodness and each other. Our trip included a relaxing meditation session given by Shari at Landgoed Winfried, an outdoor cooking experience at the fireplace with Feisty Feast, and an early morning of active wild spotting under guidance of Wild Wise.

But most importantly, our trip included joy and good times together. Because when a group of brilliant women meet in nature, good vibes and fun are guaranteed! Scroll along and get off-the grid with us.



Videographer: Whitney Valerie  |  Photographer: Eva van Kesteren  |  Production: Charmaé Pattipeilohij  |  Production Assistant: Ying Hu  
With special thanks to: Feisty Feist, Landgoed Winfried,  Shari Iskandar, Wild Wise