Making Marks with the Nike Air Footscape Woven 'Cow Print'

Making marks. Originally introduced in 1996, the Nike Air Footscape was designed to mimic natural foot shape and movement, becoming an iconic symbol of style and comfort in the sneaker world. With the return of the Nike Air Footscape Woven 'Cow Print', we celebrate both the shoe's artistry and honour the resilience of women who quietly shape foundations, much like the Footscape, all while leading with sincerity and humility.
At Maha, we firmly believe in the authenticity of actions driven by pure intentions, free from the desire for recognition, as these are the initiatives that genuinely resonate from the heart. At the very core of our community lies someone that perfectly embodies these principles - our very own brand manager, Charmaé Pattipeilohij.  

We sat down with her and asked her about the wellspring of her inspiration and the vital support that fuels her mission to empower the women around her. 

To create an accessible path for individuals like myself, I believe it's crucial to maintain ongoing connections, continuously introduce each other to new opportunities, and nurture a culture of mutual support.

We, at the Maha team, recognise you as a very hardworking woman who consistently maintains remarkable humility. For those who might not be acquainted with you, could you kindly introduce yourself and tell us about your role at Maha? 

Hi, my name is Charmaé. My sister and I have been visiting Maha since the store first opened. While studying fashion and branding, I had the opportunity to join Maha as a branding intern. Back then, we were still working in the stockroom. After completing my internship, I was fortunate enough to continue working in-store and then eventually transition to our first office. There, I began working on small editorials and assisting with social media. 

Maha has grown significantly since its early days, evolving from a small store into a place where women unite. Alongside Maha, I have also grown, witnessing the journey with our store, a new location, and our office. It’s often mentioned, and I truly mean it, we have grown as a beloved team, into the Maha family we are now. I am still very thankful to be working with and for women, developing the Maha identity, and collaborating on our projects and partnerships with the brands we carry. 


You've dedicated over six years of your career to Maha, a role that demands creativity and an endless source of inspiration. Can you share with us the sources or individuals you seek out to rekindle your creative spark, both in your work and personally? 

We function in a fast-evolving environment where the women we serve remain the fundamental source of inspiration. The moments that inspire me the most are those when we come together with these women in our store, at events, and during workshops. On a professional level, Saskia and Dian have always been meaningful sources of inspiration. I appreciate learning a humble work ethic from them, their guidance in exploring new resources, and the sometimes passionate discussions we delve into to ensure the best outcomes.  

Within and outside this team, I am glad to have met many wonderful and inspiring people who consistently ignite that creative spark and motivate us to create something beautiful. Lastly, there are my beloved ones who always bring out my grounded side, which, I believe, leads to new insights. I'm grateful that many individuals mentioned above were willing to be part of this shoot. 


Working both at Maha and for Maha, and being surrounded by many women you hold dear, how does it feel to be in this particular (feminine) environment as someone who places a higher value on empowering others rather than pursuing personal recognition? 

Maha, to me, represents our team effort where supporting and helping one another drives our work. We grant each other the world. And I genuinely believe this contributes to us collectively moving forward. I often think back to Yeliz Çiçek’s words during our panel talk: "What sense does it make to be the first if it also means you're the last?"   

At Maha, we recognise the worth of each individual for their authentic selves. I derive satisfaction from functioning in the background, dedicating my efforts to work for or collaborate with others. Recognition has never been something I cared about because, in my belief, hard work pays off. Therefore, I'm glad to be part of Maha and its partners, which acknowledge and uplift women. 


As someone who quietly achieves remarkable feats within their community, how do you envision dedicating yourself to creating a more accessible path for individuals like yourself in this industry, both presently and in the future? 

Our effort for women, by women, is rooted in a strong belief that joint efforts can drive us forward. To create an accessible path for individuals like myself, I believe it's crucial to maintain ongoing connections, continuously introduce each other to new opportunities, and nurture a culture of mutual support. I'm proud of the consistent efforts of Maha and its partners in uniting women. Still, lots need to be improved, and we're excited to dedicate our efforts to a purpose-driven future. Beyond its role as our store, our primary commitment is to collectively commit toward bringing about positive change for our community.


Text: Flore de Man | Photographer:  Elina Abdrakhmanova | Stylist: Melanie Butter  |  Make-Up & Hair: Kato Fierkens |  Talent: Charmaé Pattipeilohij,  Esmée Mulder, Darina Gavidia, Naomi Tamaëla, Elyse Mulder, Saskia van Hofwegen, Carlijn van Ingen, Cherilyn Pattipeilohij, Akjitra Phuangkularb and Floor Hoeke