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Empowering women at all times.

Together with Nike, we celebrate 40 years of Air Force 1 by highlighting five creative, independent women that paved the way for the next wave of creatives. We asked them how today's community of diverse, hardworking and like-minded women uplifts each other and how the AF1 holds them down. How do they work smartly, think differently, and join forces to build a collective future? Because icons aren’t made on their own.

Scroll down to find out where Julia Khan Anselmo will take Force in the next 40 years to achieve the goals she has set for the future.

Maha & Nike Join Forces - Couch Sessions with Julia Khan AnselmoMaha & Nike Join Forces - Couch Sessions with Julia Khan Anselmo
A lot of the women I surround myself with I see as mentors– we take turns mothering one another and supporting one another.

Julia Khan Anselmo founded the global, themed dinner party series Feisty Feast to celebrate women and create a space for community building, storytelling and sharing ideas. With her platform, Julia aspires to create meaningful experiences through feminism, feasting and food.

You started your dinner party series Feisty Feast to connect women through meaningful topics and delicious food.
What do you think mainly drives your community to come to your dinner parties?
I think it is an innate human desire to eat together. For Feisty Feast events specifically, interest in the dinner theme draws people to come and the chance to meet and connect with others. Although we live in a city and are surrounded by people all the time, a city can often be one of the loneliest places for that exact reason. Feisty Feast offers a space where people can come together for the most basic human need, to eat, share ideas and be inspired.

Would you say that the women you'd like to surround yourself with are mainly creative women like yourself?
I find it interesting to surround myself with a variety of women from different fields and backgrounds. Otherwise, if you hang out with all the same types of creative people, you don't have a diverse perspective which is key to developing creativity.

What does it mean to you to have this community of women? Do you take any pieces of advice from them, and does it in a certain way inspire you?
A lot of the women I surround myself with I see as mentors– we take turns mothering one another and supporting one another. I realised that the idea of having community and being around people that support you is really important. To feel their energy and to have that positive exchange. Having the right type of people in your life to keep you in check and to support you is paramount to being a healthy person. Life is short, so we should enjoy it more together.

Nike aims to inspire every athlete in the world and encourages everyone to adopt sports into their daily routine.
Can you tell me about the best memory you have made with a pair of Nikes?
I was given a pair of Nike ACG Gore-Tex Mountain-Fly for an exciting project during the summer, and they make me feel like I can do anything. They are perfect for Amsterdam’s rainy weather and hiking – the soles are grippy and wide. I love them!


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