Akizakura Chapter IV by NALA

As the final leaves let go of their branches and autumn makes place for winter, Maha Moods is back with a new mixtape to warm you up for the cold days ahead. Created by the talented Utrecht based female DJ NALA.

With a passion for music in its broadest sense, she combined her current favourites with tracks that influenced her music taste overall. From soul to hip-hop and from mainstream to the less commercial sounds. Let NALA take you on this musical journey from crisp autumn days into the freezing winter season.
Maha Moods - Akizakura Chapter IV by NALAMaha Moods - Akizakura Chapter IV by NALA

With a passion for music in its broadest sense, she combined her current favourites with tracks that influenced her music taste overall. From soul to hip-hop and from mainstream to the less commercial sounds.

Autumn - Outkast - Prototype
The intro of this song alone reminds me of those chilly yet sunny days. Days on which I can see the red, brownish leaves of trees let go of their branches as they slowly swirl towards the ground. While listening to this track, I can see myself walking in a forest on a perfect autumn day.

Precious memory - Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell - Your Precious Love
One of the songs my mother used to sing. I always enjoyed hearing her sing to me, to my brother, to my father. And together with all our relatives (blessings of an Indonesian family). She passed away a couple of years ago, and thinking of this song brings me straight back to my childhood and less complex days.

Nostalgic - Slakah the Beatchild - Enjoy Ya Self / Flying lotus - Massage Situation
During my teenage years, I was heavy on the whole neo soul movement. I could listen to it all day. It kept me motivated when I had to focus on school or work while also giving me energy. Slakah the Beatchild was one of the artists I discovered back then and who basically helped me through my entire high school time (you can also find this track in the mixtape).

I also put down Flying Lotus. Simply because I couldn’t decide. Flying lotus was my first experience with trip-hop and experimental music. Actually my first experience with something other than the broader known commercial music. I really loved how this was something else from everything I knew, and it started my love for less commercial genres, which I mostly play nowadays.

Heartbreak - SG Lewis - Yours
This song doesn't necessarily go about heartbreak, but it does tell a story about a couple that avoids arguments just to experience a moment together. It’s something that I recognize from my previous relationship and something I longed for very much during that time. This was the song I listened to on replay when the relationship ended (not really something I'd recommend to someone else, haha).

Love song - D’angelo - Lady
It's needless to say that almost everything D'Angelo makes is perfect as a love song. But this one is my favourite. 

Party - Sango - Me de Amor
A true classic for me. Whenever I hear it in the club, it's impossible for me to stand still. It immediately gets me excited and makes me wanna bounce. Catch me somewhere at the front of the stage, jumping like a maniac w my happy face on.

Guilty pleasure: Ir Sais - Dream Girl
I don’t listen to commercial music a lot, but this man - his voice, the smoothness of this song. I can't help it. Don’t bother me when you hear me playing this track in my car or at the club because I’ll be in my own bubble, fully getting into the song and its lyrics (though not quite sure what I’m singing since it’s Papiamento, lol).


1. fullbodydurag - whenwegonslide. (SOULECTION #499)
2. K, Le Maestro - COME AROUND (feat. Chester Watson)
3. Austin marc - D'Angelo flip
5. Slakah the Beatchild - Enjoy Ya Self
6. Heine Aabo - Europa v21
7. City Girl (omoidé bootleg edit) (Soulection All Day w/ Joe Kay)
8. Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (Cookin Soul remix)
10. 21 Dj's Save My Life (Austin cee. edit)
11. Reon Vangèr - ignite dat ass on fire
12. DJU DJU - Wurk
13. NAMESAKE - you got me
15. Doja Cat - Woman (DJ Kwamzy Amapiano Remix)
16. Bad Shit x Tech Machine (Benaiah's Amapiano Blend)
18. Krs __ AmaPiano_1
19. Floetry - Say Yes (Jabair Amapiano VIP)
22. 1981Tokyo - Tyreses Track (w/ MOJVKI)
23. VRSYJNS - Light It! (feat Mr Sisco)
24. lovesome - I know, I know
25. S!RENE - (unreleased)