Maha & Nike Join Forces

Thankful to Join Forces.

Last Sunday, on the 27th of November, our community gathered to celebrate 40 years of the Nike Air Force 1. With our main focus on joining forces, this magical day was filled with beautiful, ambitious women paving the way to our collective future. Thank you all for coming through.

Scroll along and catch a glimpse of our Join Forces celebration. Filled with creating new connections, inspiring talks, and overall togetherness.

Maha & Nike Join ForcesMaha & Nike Join Forces


Part I: The Workshops

Follow along as this group of inspiring women guided us towards the goal of a more sustainable collective future by highlighting topics often not talked about in our community. Starting with three stimulating workshops to educate us more about womanhood. Read along and discover every workshop. 

Maha & Nike Join Forces Maha & Nike Join Forces

Ceramic Vulva Workshop by The Oh Collective and SWAYZE

Together with intimate wellness organization ‘The Oh Collective’ and ceramic studio SWAYZE, we started off by breaking through modern day taboos around sexuality and self-love. Teaching us how to connect with our intimate selves by crafting our very own unique ceramic vulvas.

Maha & Nike Join ForcesMaha & Nike Join Forces

Food for Thought by Feisty Feast and Jennifer Sun

As the day proceeded, Feisty Feast and Jennifer Sun provided us with an educational dining experience. By incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine in food, we discovered the wonders it holds for menstrual health improvement. 

Maha & Nike Join ForcesMaha & Nike Join Forces

Move With Greater Purpose by Oriane Serveille-Nlate

As we wrapped up the workshop program, we connected through movement with the inspiring choreographer and dancer Oriane Serveille-Nlate. She took us along a journey of dancing to our own rhythms to pave the way for self-expression.


Part II: The Panel Talk

Hosted by the wonderful Shaquille Shaniqua Joy, our celebration ended with an open panel talk to discover the stories of the following inspiring women active in multiple creative industries: Jameela Elfaki, Jordss, Saskia van Hofwegen and Yeliz Çeçik.

Maha & Nike Join ForcesMaha & Nike Join Forces

Conversations that Connect

During this wholesome conversation, these inspiring women spoke about the struggles and victories of their work, and the fascinating power that women create by Joining Forces. Together building on a collective future.

Maha & Nike Join ForcesMaha & Nike Join Forces  


Photographer: Eva van Kesteren  |  Ceramic Vulva Workshop: The Oh Collective & SWAYZE  |  Food for Thought Workshop: Feisty Feist & Jennifer Sun 
Move with Greater Purpose Workshop: Oriane Serveille-Nlate  |  Conversations that Connect Panel Talk: Jameela Elfaki, Jordss, Saskia van Hofwegen,
Shaquille Shaniqua Joy & Yeliz Çiçek
  |  Location: Soho House Amsterdam 

Production: Charmaé Pattipeilohij  |  Production Assistants: Flore de Man & Mayte Stoové