Air Max Day 2022 | The Workshops


Last Saturday, on March 26, we brought together our community to celebrate 35 years of Air Max. Igniting change and uplifting each other on this special day shared together.

Scroll along and catch the vibes of this year's Air Max Day by Maha. A day filled with excitement, joy, laughter, love, and fresh air.

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Part I: The Workshops
Giving fresh air to move forward together. Our program started with four exciting workshops, each contributing to a future-proof space for the next generation. Read along and discover more about every workshop.

Expressive Painting by Nikè Marchand
Kicking it off was inspiring creative Nikè Marchand, who taught the beautiful women that joined us how to express their feelings through the art of painting. To open up and create unique artworks, each bringing them closer to themselves. 

Intimate Wellness by Emmy-Koos & Isabelle Juursema
Together with intimate artist Emmy-Koos and co-founder of the Pleasure Society, Isabelle Juursema, we discovered the value of opening up about sexuality and intimate pleasure through different forms of creative expression. 

Dynamic Self-defence by Theresa Wever
A new group of inspiring women joined us for a workshop on self-defence given by the energetic Theresa Wever. Together discovering our own power, increasing self-confidence, and learning to recognise threats in time.

Powerful Breathing by Shari Iskandar
To calm down, we finished the program of workshops with a relaxing breath control class given by the Yin Yoga teacher, Meditation teacher and Life Coach Shari Iskandar. Breathing harmony, breathing health, and breathing fresh air.  


Photographer: Eva van Kesteren  |  Expressive Painting Workshop: Nikè Marchand  |  Intimate Wellness Workshop: Emmy-Koos & Isabelle Juursema 
Dynamic Self-defence Workshop: Theresa Wever  |  Powerful Breathing Workshop: Shari Iskandar  |  Location: Venu Amsterdam 
Production: Charmaé Pattipeilohij  |  Production Assistants: Ying Hu & Carlijn van Ingen