Himawari Chapter V by Nathifa Efia

As the summer's heat slowly gets taken over by the first breeze of autumn, we enjoy the last weeks of this sunny season with another Maha Moods mixtape. Press play, and spend your last late summer nights with this blazing mix by the bright and talented Nathifa Efia. 

Maha Moods: Himawari Chapther V by Nathifa EfiaMaha Moods: Himawari Chapter V by Nathifa Efia

Enjoy the last weeks of the sunny season with this blazing mix by the bright and talented Nathifa Efia. 

- Summer - Flash, DJ Spinall - Fididi
This song came out during the summer and brought a huge smile to my face from the very first moment I heard it. Now, I play this song almost every day in my car at maximum volume. Windows down, me and my daughter go crazy to this one.

- Precious memory - Bob Marley - Waiting In Vain
During my pregnancy, I was craving specific songs just as much as I was craving specific foods. This track is one of those. I listened to it daily while dancing in the living room with my hands on my belly. It's these moments that made me feel most connected to my daughter. It was almost as if we were dancing together. A couple of years ago, my mom actually sang this song during a performance. As she stood there being so powerful and secure, I remember being inspired by her and feeling this power within myself for the first time since motherhood.

- Nostalgic - Everton Blender - Gwaan Natty
This one reminds me of my childhood. The flat where I was born and lived until I was four years old. My mom, aunt, and uncle always sang this song to me. It hyped me up and made me happy. We experienced some tough times there, but we also shared some amazing times there together. This track reminds me of the good parts of that period.

- Heartbreak - Maxwell - Womens Work
Maxwell is one of the best singers to me. His voice is truly unique. Whenever I wanted to let all the tears out during my teenage years, I played this song. On my Android phone, in the bathroom during my showers, volume at maximum height. Soo dramatic, hahaha. 

- Lovesong - Bitty McLean - The Real Thing
The lyrics, his voice, and the riddim cause goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach every time they hit. I don't know if it's just me or if others can also develop serious feels of being in love from a song.

- Party - The Notorious B.I.G. - Big Poppa
It's not a turnup song, and the setting doesn't matter. I al-ways go crazy on this one. Anyone who visited my gigs more often knows that this track most likely appears somewhere in my set. Biggie is one of my favourite Hip Hop artists. He's a genius, and it hurts my heart that he's gone. We got to keep his music alive.