Himawari Chapter VI by DON MAYOR

As the days are longer, and the sun's warm embrace envelops us, we joyfully celebrate the enchanting season of summer. The time of the year when nature's vibrant colours dazzle our senses, and we drink to the days of clear blue skies and sun-drenched moments.


Embrace the spirit of summer with the release of another Himawari Mixtape; Chapter number Six. Our talented friend, DON MAYOR, curated a melodic journey that celebrates this magical season, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the delightful moments that await the rest of the summer. Let the rhythm of the mixtape carry you through balmy evenings and carefree days, as we savour the joys of this enchanting time of year.
Maha Amsterdam - Maha Moods Maha Amsterdam - Maha Moods
 Dive into a delightful mixtape expertly crafted by the gifted DON MAYOR, and let the joyous vibes surround you

- Summer - Red Velvet - Bad Boy  
I don't know why but as soon as spring rolls around I tend to listen to this and the Slom remix more often than not. My best guess is that I probably first heard this song around spring time and it's stuck with me ever since.

- Precious Memory - Usher - Simple Things 
This was back when my brother and I still used to live together. We used to do a lot of things together such as playing video games whilst having this song and the rest of the album on in the background. Our lives were much simpler back then and even though we've had our fair share of fights, I always look back fondly at these times. 

- Nostalgic - Drake - Club Paradise
This song brings me back to 2011/2012 when I felt like time moved at a much slower pace and people were living in the moment more. There is no other song for me that brings back so many different feelings and memories, good and bad. Really makes me look back at moments in life and how far I've come. 

- Heartbreak - Bryson Tiller - Right My Wrongs
Unbeknownst to a lot of people around me there was a time when I was suffering from heartbreak and right around that time was when Bryson Tiller dropped TRAPSOUL. This track in particular helped me a lot during that period because the lyrics reflected a lot of the things that I was going through myself.  

- Love song - Brian McKnight - Back At One
Honestly, I couldn't pick just one because R&B is the only genre I actually put on whenever I listen to music by myself but this one is SSS-tier when it comes to love songs. I've always thought if I ever were to get married, this is the song I would love to have my first dance to.  

- Party - GRAY, Loco, LeeHi - Party For The Night
When I step out to go party or just to have a good time, I have to listen to this at least once. The overall feeling of the song always gets me in the right frame of mind to enjoy the demon time that awaits me.